Unity Health, Wellness, Community, and Resource Center 

Interior Design and Environmental Graphics

Located in the inner city of Milwaukee, Unity Health, Wellness, Community and Resource Center aims to change the demographics of Milwaukee in positive ways.

The City of Milwaukee houses the largest population of BIPOC residents, has the lowest percentage of homeowners, graduates from high school or higher education, and has the lowest median income per capita compared to the surrounding municipalities. The Unity team will focus on changing all aspects of this by being a beacon for the community.

On the campus of the 50+ year established Unity Gospel House of Prayer, there will be a state-of-the-art gymnasium, with an elevated track, fitness center, community center, cafe, and partial roof deck. The center will be able to host community and private events of various sizes and host educational programming for kids and elderly and everyone in between.

Come join us in the spring/summer of 2025. 


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