Purdue University - Purdue Memorial Union

Environmental Graphics

while at Workshop Architects

In concert with a comprehensive renovation of the union lower lever, we made a deep dive into the prospective student experience. 

The graphics program includes identification and wayfinding, narrative displays and custom placemaking elements. The scale of this program is a first for the Purdue campus.

The theme for the graphics is, “If These Walls Could Talk, What Would They Say.” The overarching tone pays homage to the unbroken traditions of the University. With the PMU as the first impressions of campus for prospective students, the theme acts as an invitation to discover more and become part of the tradition.

0.0 Cover
Wayfinding_0004_Layer 17
Wayfinding_0010_Layer 20
Wayfinding_0005_Layer 16
History Wall
Wayfinding_0002_Layer 19
Wayfinding_0009_Layer 21
Wayfinding_0008_Layer 22
Wayfinding_0012_Layer 9
Wayfinding_0011_Layer 10
Wayfinding_0006_Layer 15

Purdue University - Boilermaker Station Welcome Center

Environmental Graphics

while at Workshop Architects

Two Purdue student life departments - Admissions and Alumni - were joining forces to create the Boilermaker Station Welcome Center. In conceptualizing the environmental graphics, it was important to strike a balance between an audience that is wholly new to the Purdue experience and one that is so familiar and nostalgic that they have returned. The advantage of environmental graphics is distance plays a large role in how the design is viewed. From a distance, the graphic looks more like a traditional stripe pattern. Upon closer inspection one discovers the pattern is a mix of Purdue-centric icons and "in-the-know" sayings making the wall graphic at once comforting and special. 


Glass Artwork References Distinctive Memorial Union Windows

Purdue Office_Elevation

Entrance Wall Graphics


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