Marquette University
College of Business Administration

Environmental Graphics

While at Workshop Architects

For Marquette University, the College of Business Administration was a big statement. As a gleaming new piece of distinctively modern architecture, situated squarely on a main thoroughfare on campus, it clearly communicated a vision for the future of education. To reflect the Dean's goal, we designed a unique experience where lines meaningfully converge to reflect Marquette’s commitment to experiential learning in partnership with real-world business.

COBA_0008_Layer 19

College of Buisness Administration

COBA_0005_Layer 11

Hall of Success Feature Wall

COBA_0003_Layer 14
COBA_0001_Layer 16
COBA_0000_Layer 17

Portal Graphic Pattern

COBA_0002_Layer 15
COBA_0009_Layer 5

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